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Information you'll need to apply for Unemployment Insurance benefits

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To save time, get the following information ready before you start your application. 

Do you want to apply online?

In order to apply online for Unemployment Insurance benefits, you must have:

  • Worked only in New Jersey in the last 18 months, or
  • Worked in New Jersey and any other state(s) in the last 18 months, or
  • Worked for the federal government and in New Jersey in the last 18 months, or
  • Served in the military in the last 18 months and be physically present in New Jersey.

If you were a maritime employee in the last 18 months or you live outside of the United States, you must apply by phone.

Ready to start? Gather the following information:

  • Social Security Number
  • Alien Registration Number (if you are not a US citizen).
  • Your NJ driver’s license or NJ non-driver identification number
  • Pension information (if you are receiving any pension or 401k)
  • Amount and duration of any separation pay you may be receiving
  • Recall date (if you expect to be recalled to your job)
  • Union hiring hall information, including local number and address (if you get work through a union)
  • Military Form DD-214 (if you were in the military in the last 18 months)
  • Form SF-8 or SF-50 (if you were a federal employee)
  • Your bank account number and routing number (if you plan to get your benefits through direct deposit)

Next, get ready the following information about your employer(s):

For each employer that you worked for in the last 18 months, provide the following:

  • Complete name and address of employer
  • Employer's telephone number
  • Your occupation with that employer
  • Beginning and ending dates of employment
  • Reason for separation