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Disability During Unemployment

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If you become totally disabled more than 14 days after your last day of work in covered employment, you may be eligible for benefits under the Disability During Unemployment (DDU) program.

To be eligible for Disability During Unemployment benefits, you must meet all of the requirements of the Unemployment Compensation Law, except for the ability to work.

Disability During Unemployment benefits are NOT payable for:

  • any period that is less than seven consecutive days.
  • any period you are not under medical care. You must be under the care of a legally licensed physician, dentist, podiatrist, chiropractor, optometrist, psychologist, certified nurse midwife, or advanced practice nurse.
  • any period that you receive unemployment insurance benefits, family leave insurance benefits, any benefits from a disability or cash sickness program or similar law of New Jersey or any other state or the federal government.
  • any period when you receive full salary or paid time off.
  • any period during which you perform any work for remuneration or profit.
  • any period during which you would be disqualified under the Unemployment Compensation Law for voluntarily quitting your job, termination due to misconduct or gross misconduct, refusal of suitable work, or fraud.
  • work related disabilities. However, if your disability is work related and your employer's workers' compensation carrier denies you benefits or if the workers' compensation carrier stops benefit payments, you may file a claim with the Division of Temporary Disability and Family Leave Insurance.
  • any period of disability due to willfully and intentionally self-inflicted injury, or injury sustained in the perpetration by the claimant of a criminal act under the New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice.
  • any period you are out of work due to a labor dispute at your place of work.

For more information, please visit our Temporary Disability Insurance website.