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School districts: Employee eligibility for unemployment benefits

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In order to determine Board of Education employees' eligibility for Unemployment Insurance benefits, we have developed an online spreadsheet to assist school districts in reporting employees who will not be returning to their positions in the fall.

You can download our fillable spreadsheet template (Excel file) to report your information. Choose the “Save As” option to download the file to your computer.

At the top of the Excel worksheet enter the FEIN that was provided to you in the letter mailed to your institution.

Be sure to complete the school information, contact information and electronic signature sections. You can list multiple employees on the worksheet and answer the questions for each employee across the worksheet. Once completed send the saved file by email to school.form@dol.nj.gov.

If you normally complete the “Fact Finding Record for School Employee” form that is mailed when an unemployment claim is filed, and you provided the information on the Excel spreadsheet and returned it to the above email address, you will not need to complete the form for each individual that is mailed to you.